1. Tree of Life. Tree of Death. #japan #輪島

  2. #japan #輪島

  3. #tbt back to ridiculous sunsets in America.

  4. #tbt

  5. Summer in #japan 🍡👘🎋🎎🎌🎉🌾#豊田おいでん祭り

  6. #japan #豊田おいでん祭り

  7. Found a waterfall and stared at it. It felt good.


  8. Shot my first cartridge of Polaroid film on my #Hasselblad yesterday in the old mountain towns of Tsumago and Magome, the 42nd and 43rd post towns that travelers used to pass through on the way from Kyoto to Tokyo during the Edo Period. It was a gorgeous day but, unfortunately, it was so hot my film melted mid-shoot. In the past, I would have been so angry, but the more I see the imperfections in these shots, the more I like them. They’re still sticky from the humidity. My finger prints permanently embedded in the chemical process. These prints will forever portray the hot & humid context in which they were captured. They’re a portal into a set of moments I want to remember forever. That’s what the creative process should be about: not perfection, but remembrance. Not attempting to create a meaning for ourselves, but holding onto and celebrating the escaping beauty we see around us. And, in some small way, helping other people to do the same. #filmisnotdead

  9. #hasselblad #filmisnotdead

  10. Into the woods we go 💪


  11. Happy Moon Landing Day, everyone. Keep exploring stuff. #whpspacedreams

  12. #whpspacedreams

  13. Throwback to the 70s when my parents were hip and young and madly in love. #tbt #イケメンパパ

  14. #イケメンパパ #tbt

  15. Real therapy, guys.


  16. Light it up 🌋 @germangees @ethanpayne